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Neocaching is a location-based adventure that takes you to the vistas, scents, sounds, flavors, and activities that make travel so fulfilling.

"What should I do while I'm here?"

Make the most of every trip with fun nearby activities that fit your interests.

Find Neocaches that match your interests

Hike the Navajo Loop Trail. Look for these famous hoodoos as you go.

Take a canoe / paddleboard / etc. out onto Yellowstone Lake

See a mountain goat

Get a picture in front of the National Park sign

Take a picture next to the tallest Saguaro cactus you can find

Try the salsas at Boca Taqueria & Tequila

And Hundreds More!


I think this is a great app! I ended up doing extra things in the park that I would not have otherwise done.

Renee H. - Grand Teton Explorer

Love the idea of these challenges it got me out in the park with purpose. Felt like a scavenger hunt— very enjoyable!

Gaile L. - Grand Teton Explorer

We love the app! We are having so much fun with it. Thanks!

E. Datorre - Glacier Explorer

We had a great time!! It was our first time doing any hiking in Grand Teton and it was amazing!!

Natalie W. - Grand Teton Explorer

“Cover the earth before it covers you.”
— Dagobert Runes

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Lake Powell / Glen Canyon Recreation Area

And More on the way!


The challenge helped me and my husband figure out the sights we wanted to see and places to eat in the area.

Kimberly P.W. - Grand Teton Explorer

It was a great way to explore the park.

Nathan L. - Grand Teton Explorer

I loved this activity. I have never been here before and am by myself. It made it easy to figure out what to do. Thank you!

Claudia T - Grand Teton Explorer

The variety of activities was nice, especially having some that are doable with small children.

Megan A. - Grand Teton Explorer

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